Meet The Doc

Dr. F. Nick Owens

Apex Animal Chiropractic Owner and Animal Chiropractor

Dr. Nick has been a licensed human chiropractor, certified by the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association (IVCA) to work on animals. He grew up right here in Logan Twp and graduated from Kingsway Regional. He attended Salisbury University for his undergraduate degree, followed by Life University in Atlanta, Ga for his doctorate. He finally went on to attended Options for Animals College of Chiropractic in Wellsville, KS to obtain certification in animal chiropractic. Dr. Nick has been practicing with humans since 2014 and has always had a vision to provide the power of chiropractic to our animal friends and family, that vision came to life with Apex Animal Chiropractic. The number of practitioners certified to treat animals is very scarce and only a few are actively practicing in the entire state of New Jersey.

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Dr. Nick grew up with numerous pets in his household and has never been without a four-legged family member. Currently, he has 2 cats, Oliver and Dudley and a dog, his senior pup and logo, Ed. He frequently spends his time volunteering across numerous shelters in southern New Jersey, trying to find homes for as many pets as possible. He is an active volunteer with the local equine therapy riding programs, providing adjustments to their therapy horses in order to keep them healthy and comfortable. Dr. Nick brought Apex Animal Chiropractic to his hometown and will be working closely with the numerous veterinarians around South and Central Jersey to bring animal chiropractic and alternative treatment options for the animals in our community.

Dr. Nick is still actively working with his human clients, with his office conveniently located right on Kings Highway in downtown Swedesboro. When he is not working with people or animals, you can usually find him outside with his wife Shannon and daughter Lily or yelling at a TV while watching his beloved Philly sports teams.